ZEn Digital

We Develop Apps


Zen Digital creates high-quality front and backend web and mobile app design. We are dedicated to creating efficient architecture underneath and beautiful interfaces on the surface, in service of an unsurpassed user experience.

The zEn Digital Philosophy

We work with expert programmers trained in the Agile development style, moving the project forward while allowing for a continuous integration of code & ideas. We believe in standards. We keep our clients in the loop, showing them our work frequently. We treat our clients, no matter their technical acumen, the way we would want to be treated: with respect.


Zen Digital specializes in web and mobile apps, back end systems, and business applications. In addition to our technology, production, usability and project management skills, Zen Digital offers professional expertise in the creative, design, marketing, strategy, and social realms. From branding and logo design to software look and feel, usability and interface design, we are passionate about helping our clients connect with their customers. The Zen Digital engineering team are trained in Agile and XP methodologies and work across multiple areas.


Who We Work For

Our clients are most often managers at funded startups or midsize companies looking to make websites, apps or other software. By the time we get to the proposal stage, we’ve vetted you as thoroughly as you’ve vetted us. life is too short to hate work.

What We Can Do For You

We actively provide solutions to your business needs, so we don’t require step by step instructions. We will act as consultant and strategic partner on your overall technical plan.



We recruit brilliant and creative professionals from the Ivy League to Burning Man and beyond. Some of the smartest people we know would rather have fun at work than head off to another day at the grindstone. We derive satisfaction from working hard on creative goals and sharing results with others. We seek people with breadth of character, not just tech nerds.

Contact Us

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  • 212 533.3501
  • 568 Broadway, 11th Fl, New York, NY 10012